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About Us- Founder Story

Bernadette Albury, CEO

Gateway Healthcare Solutions (GHS) is owned and operated by Bernadette Albury, leading healthcare professional. She provides high-quality consulting and programs management services to local, regional, and national clients all over the country. She is a visionary professional focused on developing quality solutions and delivering exceptional results. Bernadette has more than 21 years of expertise in the Managed Care sector. Throughout her career, Ms. Albury exemplified thought-partnership to leaders at all levels, including executive leadership and the board of directors. These experiences also highlight her experience and demonstrated ability to manage large projects and budgets upward of $50M, which aided in cost savings, efficiencies, and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders and senior management executives. As an experienced business development specialist, she has provided leadership and professional development across all workforce levels, from direct service workers to managers and executives. The evidence of Ms. Albury’s passion and expertise is demonstrated in her commitment to enhancing individuals, teams, and organizations’ efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance.

GHS began from an entry in a journal during graduate school that fueled Bernadette’s vision to create an organization that could successfully provide solutions to the many challenges faced by healthcare providers. Bernadette Albury later merged with several dynamic organizations to gain the fundamental knowledge required to operate in wisdom and the spirit of true excellence. In her previous role as Managed Care Denials Specialist, she has a unique gift and mastery for the full spectrum of reimbursement, including compliance, claims investigation, risk aversion, internal controls, policy development, data analysis, medical coding, fraud management, and grievance management.

Bernadette Albury brings a wealth of Healthcare Industry experience, along with a great deal of employee engagement, workforce development skills, and experiences. With a deep understanding of operating and developing a cohesive professional environment focusing on her enthusiasm for medical coding, contractual language, and maximizing strategies through presentations, Ms. Albury laid out the foundations for the early stages of GHS. She specializes in transformative consulting in healthcare, focusing on Denial Management, Employee Engagement Services, Reimbursement Methodologies, Strategic Planning, Compliance Monitoring, and Oversight Services.

Ms. Albury has the proven ability to monitor, assess, and turn around failing programs by implementing immediately effective remediation plans. She establishes interconnected teams, championing collaboration amongst staff, project teams, and community partners. She benchmarks integrity, establishes appropriate controls and performance metrics to gauge program effectiveness, and maintains accountability for implementation. Ms. Albury’s passion for excellence serves as the foundation for driving high-quality results, project success, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

In Bernadette’s own words:

“As a strategic, dedicated, collaborative, and adaptable professional with an employment history of project management, staff leadership, development, and information analysis, I am confident that I would be an asset to your team at your corporation. Throughout my career, I have been a thought-partner to executive leadership and the board of directors, demonstrated the ability to manage large project budgets upwards of $50M, boosted cost savings and efficiencies, and maintained strong partnerships with stakeholders, senior management, and my peers.”

While my professional experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, I am proud to have accomplished:

  • Mastery of the full spectrum of reimbursement, including compliance, claims investigation, risk aversion, internal controls, policy development, data analysis, medical coding, fraud management, grievance management, and Medicaid, Medicare, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, Internal Revenue Service regulatory requirements
  • Consultative billing, vendor negotiations, client relations, medical records management, and contributing to high-volume revenues of $14M+
    Being valued as a decision-support partner by executives and the board of directors by providing data sourcing and research, thereby contributing to business transformations
  • Fostering cross-departmental relationships, thereby giving employers the tools to achieve a competitive advantage

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Bernadette has a Master of Health Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Management from the University of Phoenix. She is Certified Six Sigma Green Belt of Healthcare, Certificate of Medical Coding, and Certified Revenue Cycle Representative. She is a member of the National Notary Association, AAPC, and Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

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