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GHS began with an entry in a journal, during graduate school, that kickstarted Bernadette’s vision to establish an effective and energetic organization that could successfully provide solutions to the many challenges faced within the healthcare industry. Bernadette quickly began to create the foundations of her business by focusing on her enthusiasm for coding, contractual language, and maximizing strategies through presentations – thus laying out the framework for the early stages of GHS. Bernadette Albury later merged with several dynamic organizations to better assist in gaining the fundamental knowledge required to operate in wisdom and in the spirit of true excellence.

Gateway Healthcare Solutions (GHS) is a performance improvement firm delivering Transformational Consulting in healthcare, Denial Management, Reimbursement Methodologies, Medical Coding Analysis, Strategic Planning, Professional Development and Training, Executive and Professional Coaching, Monitoring, and Compliance, and Oversight Services. We are a growing firm with a demonstrated record of success with our client projects by leveraging our wide-ranging skills and expertise to assist with delivering high-quality services and solutions to meet their and their clients’ needs.

GHS’s extensive knowledge of the healthcare systems is instrumental in the optimization of programs that is currently in operation, producing progressive results, and achieving acclaimed outcomes. GHS is an expert in launching new medical services for the healthcare industry, provides foresight to leverage an analytical, collaborative, and iterative process to maximize outcomes, and possesses a profound knowledge in business planning, strategizing, analysis, and execution

We provide high-quality program & project management and professional services solutions to local, regional, and national clients in the healthcare industry. Chief Executive Officer , Bernadette Albury is a visionary professional, focused on developing quality solutions and delivering exceptional results. She is a business development specialist who is truly passionate about her work, providing leadership and professional development at all levels of the workforce, from direct service workers to management and executive team members. The evidence of Bernadette’s passion and expertise is demonstrated in her commitment to enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.. Contact us today for a Free consultation.