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GHS’ well rounded approach to revenue cycle kpi enhancements, appeals, and contractual agreements really improved our data analytics department. Providing excellent service in training and revenue cycle strategies.

M.S., Senior Manager Data Analytics

Ty Mlatamou

Bernadette is one of the most hard-working and trustworthy businesswomen I’ve ever met. She also puts her clients first and I know I can count on her to deliver!

Suzette Speaks

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and has a sincere passion in helping others reach their goals. She has helped our clients tremendously in establishing career goals by instructing on the opportunities based on their work experiences. I am grateful to be advised by someone who is very knowledgeable and helpful as she has been to me.

B.S. CEO , Healthcare Research Recruiter

Ingrid Holilett

The founder of Gateway Healthcare Solutions has 20+ years of valuable experience with proven outcomes, in cost savings, thorough medical record reviews, and clinical documentation improvement.


Khadija Anderson